Vikane® gas fumigant is backed by over 50 years of fumigation expertise, and stands by you with experienced technical and sales support.

Vikane is the proven, trusted product in the marketplace and is the #1 brand in whole-structure termite fumigation and is the only product of its kind developed, manufactured, and distributed in the United States. Whole-structure fumigation is the only treatment that ensures 100% elimination of drywood termites in a home or structure.

In addition to being a trusted, high-quality product, Vikane® gas fumigant has also helped distinguish Douglas Products as a company that cares about the environmental impact of its products. Ther development of new uses for the active ingredient used in Vikane to introduce its industrial counterpart ProFume® gas fumigant, as a replacement for the ozone-depleting substance, methyl bromide, which was phased out under the Montreal Protocol.

Vikane® gas fumigant is backed not only by over half a century’s use, but also by science, an extensive distributor network, and the fumigators who use it. Vikane has been used to treat over two million structures, including historical landmarks, churches, museums, research facilities, colleges, hotels and ships.

Vikane® Gas Fumigant at Work: Case Studies

Termite Control Case Studies

Whole-structure drywood termite fumigation in sensitive structures

Planning for drywood termite fumigation helps ensure success. Explore two sensitive fumigation cases: one in a 50-year-old California church, which involved carefully tarping a 90-foot steeple; the other in a Ronald McDonald house, the temporary residence for families of seriously ill children. Local fumigators successfully eliminated the drywood termites, while maintaining the integrity of the church steeple and minimizing the disruption to families.

Preserving Hawaiian history by eliminating termites

Tackling unusually shaped structures poses interesting challenges for fumigators. With the use of Vikane, two Hawaiian icons became termite-free. The first was Hokule’a, a full-scale replica of a wooden ancient voyaging canoe.

The second historical structure was Honolulu’s Waikiki Shell, a dome-shaped outdoor concert hall—home of the Kodak Hula Show, a 70-year-old tradition. Local contractors had only three days to plan and execute the fumigation. The fumigators overcame challenges, like the dome’s unique shape and strong tropical winds, while keeping the crew safe—and, of course, successfully eliminating the drywood termites.

Drywood termites stand trial over courthouse infestation

When drywood termites started attacking a 94-year-old Florida courthouse, local fumigators using Vikane were called in to exterminate the problem. Extra safety precautions were taken, from changing the codes of employees’ key cards to posting guards outside the building during fumigation.

Bed Bug Control Case Studies

Good night, sleep tight – don’t let the bed bugs bite!

When this suburban family first started noticing an annoying itchy rash, they thought they just needed some R&R. But when the condition returned when they got home from their vacation, they knew something was wrong. During a late-night check on her children, the mother found the culprits – feeding on her children as they slept.

Read about how this family bit bed bugs back. (INSERT ELIMINATING BEDBUGS SHEET)

Bed bug nightmare for condos becomes dream-come-true

In a case study published by Pest Control Technology Online, the owners of a two-condo unit found their do-it-yourself approach to bed bug control keeping them up at night. After a professional inspection confirmed that the pests had taken over the structure, it was time to call out the big guns. Using a complex 7-step process, including fumigation with Vikane, Bed Bugs and Beyond pest controllers put a stop to the nightmare.

Read the PCT Online article about the steps for eliminating a major infestation.

Vikane® gas fumigant used successfully in one of the largest structures ever fumigated for bed bugs

The main attraction at a 4.5 million square foot Hawaiian hotel wasn’t the surf or swimsuits—it was the bed bugs. Given the scale of this job, 80 massive tarps, extensive education of the hotel staff, and extra safety precautions were necessary. Learn about how local fumigators using Vikane successfully eliminated the bed bugs.

Learn more about prepping for bed bug projects.

Eliminating bed bugs in a multi-unit apartment building

Bed bugs are challenging to eliminate—especially when you add the logistic complexities of a multi-unit apartment building. But with the experience of Douglas Products-trained fumigators, this tough case transformed into success. See how local fumigators tackled this complex job, including notifying residents, using a tape-and-seal method rather than tarping to avoid calling attention to the pest control operation, and posting safety notices on all units to keep people away, before introducing the proper levels of fumigant to the building.

Learn more about eliminating bed bugs—and how to prepare for fumigation.



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